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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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vote in the early/20 and in the 40s women leaving home this is revolutionary helping with the war effort and getting out of the house and working and getting paid equally as well that was a big deal and it may change and we have the higher equation education but the missing link was childcare and that's what we must focus on quality childcare as it is (clapping) so from last july on to the next year we've been going on going around the country getting the stories and this sunday jackie and i will be in the falls starting our bus trip to making sure make sure that women know we're fighting for them that's
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possible to have higher wages and have childcare it grows our economy. that's why we say what we say i'll say it again we'll go from it there to new york and we're going to meet up with the first leap e lady michelle obama and she's going to be talking about hunger hitting it's altitude connected as the secretary said we can't afford to feed our children how many moms have told us they don't have a great amount of that time their holding down two jobs family values we think mean iga people that opportunity. we're proud our great secretary
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isn't he ground water great? isn't he great (clapping) we so proud of him that he and the american progress we'll hear from our co-chairs but when we get there to washington, d.c. on july 23rd we will have heard from you and we'll go to the table and be current again, we want to not only be on the right side of history but the future you raise the minimum wage you lift everyone up that's why we proudly say when women skeeblgdz america skeekdz thank you for being here and what you do i want to thank jackie spear and other for their leadership for
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all we are talking about here today and again proud to represent this great city lead by this great mayor, mayor ed lee thank you all very much (clapping) >> are you as energized as i am i, push that button to california. it's my pleasure to introduce mr. tan dumb and the courage for the action fund she's served in the clinton and president obama administration. he expertise in domestic policy and health care make her a very sought after guest on programs like nbc meet the press and abc this week and cbs face the nation she's a frequent xharpt
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on fox she's named one of the most influential woman in journal and she's on the washington power list and received the india power award in 2011 she's been recognized as one of the fortunes magazines powerful woman in politics she graduated from ucla and received her lay degree and personally it's a a been a wonderful experience getting to know her as we have worked with the with white house and cap that leads us to the summit in june please give a welcome to her (clapping.) thank you so much el may i can
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say to your boss secretary labor prez the women bureau has done an amazing job we're happy as we head towards june 23rd i'm happy to be on stage with people that are fighting everyday. i have to take one word on health care from nancy pelosi i worked on the president's health care team it's true she fiethsd everyday foric families but i thought her leadership on the health care bill i say our backs were truly against the wall in that moment of doubt nancy pelosi radical everyone you can't resident those hurdle get in the way yourself going - >> (clapping). >> we were going to complaining
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climb walls get to the battle it felt last week that everyday and noun 8 million people over one mill in california alone and each one of the people owe a debt to nancy pelosi for her hard work we talk about leadership it's giving voice to those who are often voiceless and fighting for those who don't often have a voice in washing that's a battle in which people really needed a champion and nancy pelosi was there i'm honored to fight by her side. i can say that she's absolutely right this entire effort around agenda for working families and paid leave and sick days and childcare those issues are coming to the stable they're at the forefront of our national
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discussion you because of the work that nancy pelosi did and other leaders j.c. jackie spear and other leaders have made this to be in the discussion. central to what we're talking about and we owe her a debt of gratitude we have a fantastic champion in secretary prez this simulate and today and the summit on june 23rd is a little bit ever work so many energized voices he's leading thought this effort and been a champion when we make that happen that big event happen and have all those women and leaders focused on the national debate that will be because of secretary prez his labor department is making this happen it's really at the heart
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of the agenda and the department is a central part of that thank you. the members of congress congress hoffman and spear and honeyed honey they're all leaders and i want to thank mayor ed lee san francisco and california are an example of how we can make progressive policy and change for working families and have economic growth so thank you for that. this is going to be an amazing afternoon i want to took a few minutes to talk about really how these issues have mattered in my own life i know we'll hear tremendous stories but it's important to remember those choices with once you don't have to make i'm really here as the president of the center of progress when my children were young i didn't have to make the
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choice the whole thing being a good working and mom i actually start i had young children when hillary clinton was running for president and i helped to bring the president obama project but i started on hillary clinton campaign and my and child was 18 months i was wondering if i could be a good staffer it had a lot of demands and be a good mom because when your child is 18 months and you're old it is 4 years i had a boss who recognized that you workers were and staff were parent. and you know, i was able in most
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evenings to come home and read to my children and actively have dinner with them i didn't you sleep that much but there was one time i really faced this choice i remember it was i was in charge of hills debates and in the second debate the debates were up it was the day that my daughter pre k graduations they're so cute they have the whiteout fits and my daughter was 3 feet at all it was really, really cutie was worried this was my big day for the bossy went to hillary clinton campaign manager and said i have to go
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and hillary changed her day she didn't want me to make the choice he was willing to go change her day there were times during the debate she'd move her schedule so i could actually be there to put my kids to bed she knew i had to be a good mom to be a good worker i was so lucky but the truth of what we're saying you shouldn't have to win the boss loiter to be a good mom and be a good parent i should be able to do both it's better for our economy and our families. so secretary of labor (clapping) secretary of labor talked about those issues and he's right
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we're only the only developed country in the with world 70 percent of low income workers' compensation when i come home to you, san francisco workers don't have - i hope people will phone call on june 23rd we want to sparks a national conversation to make a public demand for policy change. we want to make sure people understand those are choices they're not just private choices you have to make on our own we can have paid leave and access to sick days and it will be better for our economy california is paving the way and san francisco is paving the way i hope everyone about focus on june 23rd i hope your voice will be allowed we need folks in the country to recognizing recognize it's not only important to have
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leader but public and private voices behind leader pelosi as she demands change in washington she need to have bipartisan sport so thank you very much i labored to the day (clapping (clapping.) >> thank you very much please join me in giving them a big
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round (clapping). >> so we were all talking about personal stories there's an opportunity for you to share our story use a post it not in our reception area now it's my pleasure to introduce representative honeyed hand he was with the california state essential and the san jose planning commission and the san jose unified school district he was a member of the peace core and dedicated over thirty years of his life as a principle and teach his years in the peace core and living with his family in the japanese international camps we served community that didn't have a voice we're happy
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to have him in the house of representatives and please welcome congress mike honda (clapping.) well, thank you very much i would really like to thank the secretary tom prez for holding this for worker families in california where does the energy come from has the agenda that had his head i want to take a moment to commend him as the labor of secretary and the person in maryland that promoted did protection and justice of our laws to maryland wore the immigrant and all americans he. i think that secretary peru's and my leader the speaker speaker pelosi is putting all
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their commitments to actions providing greater opportunity for promoting fairness in the workplace i'm a member of the labor subcommittee i understand and appreciate the ambition of this administration and this agency while chronically underfunded by congress there's a number of issues that effect the working families and it's been touched over and embellished and brought home but their skugsz to have a public dialog to understand the agenda items that we make this a public dialog so what happens then policymakers have to start to understand and pay attention through the voices that you have to make sure that those policies really become laws and become a nation of laws so we can make
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sure that women have equal pay to make sure that we have families that don't have to worry about choosing between medical leave and their jobs. those are choices as to him prez said and the speaker said those are not choices as a principle i saw this happen on a daily basis looking at their children and they couldn't food to take them to the doctor this is a public deity we have to have has to recounseled from coast to cooperative from the northern to southern borders to make sure those issues become law. and how is that going to happen it's the agenda that tom prez has and we have to make sure we
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have the medical leave act into law and make sure they have paid medical leave if california does it so doesn't the rest of the nation as a californian and a member of congress with my colleagues we're going to move forward and make sure that the work that secretary tom prez has put forward becomes law. thank you (clapping) thank you very much. >> thank you. i'm delighted to introduce congresswoman jackie spear representing 14 district she was named one of the fearless woman in the world (clapping) she's welcome known for her
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excelling speeches on the house floor for veterans and especially those who comprehensions sexual assault and she's championed for consumers and he representative spear has over 28 years of public service ass and is the first california lecture to give birth while no office give it up for her (clapping.) i love it when people introduce me by saying i was the first elector to give birth awhile 90 in office i was also the oldest. thank you to secretary prez for being commented to listen to the stories to our great leader
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nancy pelosi this is why women will succeed in this country because she's he helm and our drama free mayor ed lee i like to refer to him he gets the job done and we're fortunate to have him and others. i'm very, very going to be brief we're not going to leave in a madman episode. that happens 50 years ago and it's time for this country it recognize that 40 percent of the breadwinners in this country are women and when 40 percent of the breadwinners in this country have women it is time for us to change the policies that are preventing us from working well
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together as families and workers (clapping) but i want to tell you one thing that's deeply disturbing to me my hope the secretary and his staff will recognize what's happening here in the san francisco bay area can happen in other areas where there's success and economics are red hot i'm speaking especially about the declining middle-class in the bay area it's at a crisis it's dropped by 10 percent in the last 4 years in san francisco. it is now 33 percent of san francisco is the middle-class the rich have gotten richer and the poor poorer and the marked shrunk. in san mateo county that's
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$16,000 plus a year. but the living wage calculator developed by an mit found a simple adult with one child should be making $26.03 in order to make a basic living in the bay area. so 1010 is just the beginning of what we have to do to transform the way we look at working families in this country and the middle-class we need to help so thank you for your attention (clapping) >> thank you congresswoman spear. i'm very pleased to introduce
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congressman hoffman he's dedicated his career to preventing the district and now as a member of congress he's a champion of the state park system before interpark serve he worked as a senior attorney for the national defense council and as a special interest with many wins in trial because welcomes congressman hoffman (clapping.) well, thanks everybody just about everything i wanted to say was said by the previous speeches i'm audio a enthusiastic me took to the
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remarks you've heard from nancy pelosi and from others and, of course, labor secretary tom prez. i will add a little bit about my congressional district my colleagues represent wonderful districts i'm partial to mine not because we have the oldest trees and a wine country that's amazing we have women that have changed the course of history one is here rosy and two of them were welders in the manor shipyard in sal let's and one phyllis was a welder across the bay in richmond by i wonder since they've been talked about here and if we could ask them to
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stand specifically (clapping) thank you phyllis and mary and restraining order desz we're very proud of you. you know, mine grandfather was a rosy at martin bomber plant in nebraska a generation later i saw another generation of women stepping up to make a difference and my own mother what a hardworking mother of 3 boys and we have powerful stories but
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those are personal ones for me how women have contributed to the country and the families that depend on their hard work but as powerful as those shgsdz we have a long way to go when we hear stories of women making $0.77 a dollar to the male counterparts it is a step backwards when the ladies were making equal pay in the shipyard we know that 2/3rd's of minimum wage workers are women and the poverty rated at the 14 percent plus for women is the highest in two decades. so as the rosy the resistor take care stepped up to the plate and my own mother i think it's cumbersome upon all of us to keep working and i'm glad you
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brought it to our region that many of you will be taking it to washington next month i want to express my support as a member of congress for giving america a pay increasing that the minimum wage and the family leave and i want to add with an extra piece in the introduction that was mentioned i was a public interest attorney for me at least and other women succeeding rick nixon passed a law called title 9 the amendments of 1972 (clapping) and i had a chance in a prior life to represent women and i see all around me where the confidence and the team and the discipline that are honed through the equal opportunity through theefksz athletics is
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helping to build women leaders thank you for caring the message to washington when women succeed america skeekdz food in san fra just about expensive eat but food for everyone and there's organizations in the city that are doing really good work making sure that healthy food it assessable to everyone. more and more as follows are are becoming interested in upper arlthd they want to joy the open green pace sea know where their food it coming from we'll look at 3 programs talking ushering
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agricultural and garden to new heights. so what exactly it, your honor agricultural >> it the growing food or flowers within city limits traditionally we've been referring to communities gardener that is a raised bed over and over upper argument has a more a farming way of farming. >> so tell me 0 what's growing in this garden. >> a really at all plant. in the one of the rare places, you know, people have access to green space 24 is one of the places to grow things like the
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purple floor. it is sort of recognizing that the more diversity in given space the better not to just have one thing by everything supported each another >> it provides the community with an opportunity to get their hands dirty and reach 0 out and congressmen with the community in ways they might have not otherwise to engage with one other. >> now the dpw urban planning program so see how the garden community. >> so i grew up on a farm in air force base we picked the foods open the trees and share with other families and as i drive around san francisco i